Treatments available
We offer the same keyhole treatment methods used by the NHS, approved by the National Association of Clinical Excellence. The treatments offered are endothermal ablation and foam sclerotherapy.

These treatments are performed as day cases under local anaesthetic by one of our experienced consultant surgeons. As these procedures do not require a general anaesthetic, they can take place in a treatment room setting, rather than an operating theatre. This enables us to offer value for money whilst, at the same time, providing an excellent standard of care and a consultant-delivered treatment.

Endothermal ablation
This involves using energy either from high-frequency radio waves (radiofrequency ablation) or lasers (endovenous laser treatment) to seal the affected veins. Under local anaesthetic a small catheter is inserted into the vein using ultrasound guidance. The vein is heated either via laser or radiofrequency which causes it to collapse, closing it and sealing it shut. Once the vein has been sealed shut, your blood with naturally be redirected to one of your healthy veins.

Foam sclerotherapy
If endothermal ablation treatment alone is unsuitable for you, foam sclerotherapy is another option for smaller veins. A special type of foam is injected into your veins using ultrasound guidance. The foam causes inflammation which scars the veins, and seals them closed.

Please note: If from the outset you are looking for a cosmetic treatment rather than pain relief, we recommend that you seek treatment in a private hospital.

Please keep in mind that our philosophy is to treat patients with clinical symptoms no longer eligible for treatment on the NHS. Patients without clinical symptoms and seeking cosmetic based treatments are encouraged to pursue treatment in the private hospital sector.